joi, 30 mai 2013

It's not about giving up.
It's about acceptance.

I just can't deal with the whole fairytale that everybody is promoting.
It's not about the bullshit really, or maybe it is, but it's more about being real with yourself and your own needs.
What do you need?

You need to be safe, happy and secure about your future.

And this is the truth.
The whole truth about life.

There's no mystery left.
You don't need to find out anything.

You can't rely on people when it comes to your own happiness..
You have to get it yourself, you have to know how to obtain it for yourself.

I was for a long time dependent on other people for my own happiness..and that's just stupid!
Plain stupid.

You need to know what makes you happy and do it yourself.
It's actually easy when you get then hang of it.

Took me several years to realize that.
But I think that now I know.

And don't be scared to say no.
Don't be scared to stand up for yourself, be selfish when you need to...otherwise who's gonna give a shit about you if not yourself???

Be selfish and real when you have to.
Read between the lines and don't give up.
Accept what you can do...
And the things you cannot do.

Simple as that.

Oh and don't forget to smile!
It's healthy and it's nurturing your soul.

Be happy for heaven's sake!
Just be happy.
That simple!

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