duminică, 12 aprilie 2015

My person

I want my people.

I want my person.
The one I can call in the middle of night for any stupid reason with no shame.

I want that.
I want to just feel I have at least one person like that.

end of story.


sâmbătă, 11 aprilie 2015

No breeze

Whenever I am with somebody, anybody they tend to get the worse or the best of me.
I heard sometimes it can get warm, like an ocean breeze nothing disturbs, there's no arguments, they are no conflicts.

Depending on the people you surround yourself with you can become a different person because you reflect them, they are your mirrors.

Most of the people I have in my life tend to reflect just a side of me; the one I'm more familiar with, most comfortable with.

So I guess I am just looking for people that bring out that in me, that are bringing the one self that I am most aware of.

I had the worse and I had the best in me brought to light, I never had an half way situation, I never had the comfortable situation, the ocean breeze.
I just go out for the extremes, not sure why, not sure how I do that. But I put myself in these kind of situations because that is what familiar is to me.

The thing is that I wish I could just find the person that brings just the normal, friendly ocean breeze me at the surface.

The thing is I couldn't find that, I found crazy, cucu crazy, boring to hell, and all of that. Never did I find the breeze.
Nobody brought the breeze to light in me.

And that is just sad. Because I bet my comfortable, friendly, normalish self is to die for.

I guess I can't reflect just half of myself in others, maybe I'm just that the best or the worse of me.

I'm no breeze.