vineri, 24 mai 2013

fuck you prince charming..

You wonder what's the deal with this love.
You had patience, you were nice and played by the rules, and you even fucked the rules and played everything by your own soul and music.
And then nothing.
Just some guys came along, but none had the things you need in a guy.
Your guy.
And you know what kind of guy you need, it's not necessary the guy is more of the connection.
I know what kind of connection I need to feel at home with that man, my man.
And couldn't find him, my man.
And I have no patience left, I have zero patience to play the rules or no rules.
I just want to run into the world and scream at it..."Where the fuck are you?"
Caz everybody is telling me you are there and you will come and you're not.
And I'm confused and disappointed.
of you.
of all of you.

2 comentarii:

  1. It's about the connection! And anyone needs the connection! That connection!!!