luni, 15 aprilie 2013

men and their perfect women

Single men after the age of 30 become a little bit like women, they don't have the biological clock, but they need THE RELATIONSHIP. And not any relationship. Like their car, or apartment they need the perfect one, the perfect women. So they start looking and looking and sometimes they do meet somebody and it's looking like they made it. She has the perfect smile, attitude, clothes or breasts so they need her. They want her! So they go for it. And after a while they realize this woman is not quite perfect. So they teach her to smile, talk and they don't actually pay attention to her too much. They do train her perfectly! The sad part in this story is that they don't actually see HER. Because she is already perfect, perfect for somebody else! I heard that beauty and perfection are actually made from tiny, tiny imperfections that put all together form this extraordinary moments and people. So instead of looking for this film image of the perfect women, take a good look at the women beside you, open your eyes real good and stop breathing for a second. Maybe you will be amazed, or maybe not, the truth is for sure you will have THE REAL image of the women beside you. And who knows maybe you'll fall for this real woman with flaws and broken smiles.

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