sâmbătă, 16 martie 2013

I never felt free enough to act like a lunatic. And something changed, and I became a totally different person. I shouted, yelled and I said whatever was in my mind to the entire world. I thought for a second that I'm changing. That I'm this amazing person and I kinda liked it. But all the feelings and emotions just got the best of me. All that freedom was just an illusion. I just end up hurting myself and on the way some others. I kinda need some balance. That relationship damaged me. Made me wanna shout and scream and yell because I was sooo quite for sooo looong. And now I need to know when to shout and scream and when to be quiet. Nobody will teach you shit. All the lessons you have to learn by yourself. The thing is I never let myself be wrong and do mistakes. I was too scared to mess things up. Sometimes you have to do the worse of you. Just to remind yourself how good you can become. the end. ?

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