miercuri, 18 noiembrie 2015

Skinny soul


Just stop.
Don't cry.
Your tears will make your soul tear apart.

Don't cry.
You will never be able to stop.
You must be strong.

"You are so brave!"

You're not...
You're weak and you're crying inside.
You can't stop.
You can't show how much it hurts.
You just hide.
Just hide.

They say: "It will pass!"
But that little voice is asking:


The scar is still there.
Staring back at you.
It has teeth, sharp teeth.
It's not you that you see in the mirror.

Your head is bald.
Your eyes are dead.
Your smile is hanging dead on your face.
You can't recognize this skinny soul.
Is it you?!

"You can't cry!
You're brave!"

Shut up!
Just shut up!

"You might die."

You can't.
Your not ready.
You're too young.

They say:"Such a shame.."
They tell you:"You're so pretty..."

You are a "sweet child".
The nurses call you a "sweet child".

You're 28.
You're not a child anymore.

Your bald head, your dead smile and your eyes are saying:
Save me!
I can't do this!
I can't do this anymore!
Just make it stop!

My soul wants out.
My soul is looking to escape.

I can't make it stop!
It hurts too much..
It's not fair...
My life can't end like this.

I'm brave.

Just smile.
Smile God dammit!

You can do this.


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